Thursday, 15 February 2007

A right good send off

Crazy coffin maker Vic Fearn can build you a custom casket to reflect exactly what you want to say to the world as you take the journey from the mortal realm. He has made cars, guitars, skips and Egyptian themed burial boxes to ensure that the final send off is as spectacular or symbolic as one could wish.

Anita Roddick the founder of The Body Shop tells The Independent today that when her mum dies, she has asked to have her ashes rocketed into the stratosphere on a giant firework to the theme tune of The Godfather.

I'm a keen composter; it suits me to have a fully biodegradable coffin, so that my rotting remains can feed the roots of a yew tree that might grow for hundreds of years with a bit of me inside.

How would you like to go?

1 comment:

Rodney Olsen said...

Just bury me with my bicycle so I've got some transport in heaven.