Monday, 19 March 2007

Sons on Mothering Sunday

Now in their late teens my sons are old enough to sort out Mothering Sunday without my supervision, so I left them to it; though, I must add, not without a degree of anxiety.

On Sunday morning at 8am Tom stumbled out of bed, made Val breakfast, took the dog a walk and presented her with an arrangement of tulips. Matt followed not long after, washed up and volunteered to tidy the house while we were at church. Now to put this in context:

Mum (to Tom): Thanks love, they are really nice. Did you have a good time last night?
Tom: Yeah thanks, the band were good, do you like your lillies? - dad said you liked lillies.
Mum: Yes they are beautiful ermmm...
Tom: What?
Mum: Nothing, what time did you get in?
Tom: About two....can I go back to bed now?

Mum (to Matt): Thanks love, they are really nice, you chose well, I love Thorntons.
Matt: I'll tidy up when you are at church
Mum: That's nice, did you have a good time last night, I didn't hear you come in.
Matt: Brilliant, it was quite late...
Mum: You look a bit pale, what time did you get in...
Matt: Ermm...
Mum: ?
Matt: About four...

I'm so proud.

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Tracey said...

Oh dear!! I have all this to come with my two girls.. I just know it! Lol