Monday, 2 April 2007

Have your cake, and eat it

Given that the majority of my regular readers live in countries other than the UK, and those who do live in the UK are hardly likely to pop up to Oldham simply to visit a shop on my recommendation, this post might be a wasted one. But, do you ever get a service from someone and are really, really pleased with it and want to share the fact? Me too.

This weekend was Matt and Toms' eighteenth birthday celebration; it started with a fabulous Chinese meal at the Shanghai Wong on Friday night (if ever you are passing...); Saturday night was a big night out with their mates in Manchester and Oldham (not arriving home until circa. it legal for clubs to stay open that late?...glad i
t wasn't when I was their age; I'd never have lasted the pace).

Sunday, unbelievably, they were both sober and full of energy for the big family party at our house. The star of the party was the cake:
This fabulous themed creation shows different phases of their eighteen years from baby through drama/karate to brass bands and then cars (aspirational in this case; I couldn't find a VW Polo and Citroen Saxo model). The cake was designed and made by Cake Heaven of Lydgate, I highly recommend them to you.

We had a fantastic day, the weather was great, the chiminea kept the young people warm out of doors and allowed them to have their own party, whilst sundry grandparents, great a
unts, uncles and aunts had a more sedate occasion indoors.

This is a small sample of the detritus of the day:

This morning Matt and Tom amazed me once more when they were ready for work, butty boxes full of the remains of the buffet, raring to go at the normal time, without a hint of the languor that was affecting Val and I.

Youth eh?

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Tracey said...

Sounds like a fantastic time was had by all!

Congratulations to your boys! I can remember being 18 (just!).

What a brilliant idea for a cake! I shall remember that for my girls in the future :)