Monday, 28 May 2007

Getting Your Fingers Burnt

Blogging requires commitment and time, something I have come to realise after my return to work following three months off. My friend Sarah Didsbury has been a popular newcomer to blogging and partly because of that, the popularity, she has asked me to announce her retirement from blogging rather than have to explain it herself.

Sarah's blog - The Slim Blue Line has provided an insight into the world of modern policing, particularly from the point of view of a female officer. I for one am grateful to her for her posts and I may yet persuade her to allow me to post some features for her; we'll see. For now though she is adamant that she is simply too busy living life to write about it. Sarah is not one for poetry and airy fairy stuff like that but I'm sure she won't mind me quoting this poem by Edna St Vincent Millay that nicely sums up her position:

My candle burns at both ends;
It will not last the night;
But ah! my foes, and oh, my friends -
It give a lovely light!

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Bill Blunt said...

Oh, this is rather disappointing, even if tinged with the pleasure of knowing that Sarah Policelady has got herself a life!

Sarah's was one of the very first blogs I encountered when I first ventured into this parallel universe.

Her posts were always thoughtful, carefully written and conspired to give me a feeling of pride in the calibre of the British police that I had hitherto never really felt.

She'll be sadly missed.

davidbdale said...

Good work, Crofty! That's a fine tribute and you chose just the right poet (not a fan of airy fairy stuff herself!) to sum things up!

Crofty said...

I know Sarah has more than a little guilt about quitting, having enjoyed the blogging process and receiving such positive support.
I do think she has made the right choice for now though; there are things going on that she might not blog about but what she might talk to her best girlfriend about (hint, hint) and then of course there's work!

Thomas Hamburger Jnr said...

Now that you have demonstrated your thoughtfulness, please see my blog for good news, Crofty. Well done for being a Thinking Blogger!

Kind Regards