Saturday, 16 June 2007


Today is Mrs C's turn for working Saturday; that means cleaning and tidying for me. With the bathroom clean, the stairs vacuumed and all clothes washed that ought to be washed - I think - I hope, it's time for some housekeeping on my blog. There are a number of things that I've been meaning to do and been putting off.

Firstly you will have noticed the new header that shows Oldham in it's current and historical glory. I have neglected to mention that my friend and colleague Lisa is responsible for the, not inconsiderable, picture trickery that went into it so thank you Lisa. My gran, whenever I showed her holiday photographs used to say, as the highest praise, "Eeeee that's good enough to be on a postcard", Lisa is reet good wi't camera (as my gran would have said) herself and I remember saying the self same thing to Lisa when she showed me some of her work recently. I'm sure she won't mind if I show you one too; if she does mind I'll been in for a bol****ing on Monday!

Secondly, you may remember my post about
eating out in Amsterdam, in the post I enthused about Wagamama the noodle bar chain. Well, Wagamama were so pleased with what I'd written they sent me a copy of the Wagama Cookbook; so thank you to Wagamama - who must think I have many more readers than I actually do who will flock to their noodliferous establishments in droves: don't tell and I won't either.

Finally, I've been neglecting the pages of my blog that tell you what I'm reading. I've just updated it with everything I've read since November (I think), click here to follow my trail from the Great War through psychiatry to murder. And before I go I ought to add that my friend and colleague Michele is a voracious reader - why am I telling you that? - because if she wasn't I wouldn't be able to borrow and read half of the fantastic books I do - thanks Michele.


Bill Blunt said...

It's great to catch up on your blog after a couple of weeks away, Crofty.
I'm naturally deeply envious that you have secured your first freebie as a result of your eulogising about Wagamama - as you know, I eulogise frequently on my blog and have yet to ever get a free meat pie out of the process. Something's going wrong, somewhere!

I do like the new look of the blog, though!

Best wishes


Lisa said...

I'm flattered, thank you xx

I went to Crosby on Sunday, so watch out for picture of cast iron men ( in the nude! )