Wednesday, 11 July 2007

I Knew It!

As soon as I heard about people throwing themselves from high things for thrills into water of indeterminate depth and current strength I thought to myself: that will be the next thing on the list of idiotic things for middle aged people to do to prove their imagined youthful vigour. Imagine my warm, dry and safe smugness when this quote from the BBC News summed it all up:
"A middle-aged man drowned and another was seriously injured when they jumped into the sea off a pier in Essex, in a stunt known as "tombstoning".
This is Mrs C's and my annual holiday fortnight: the first week at home and then a week in Keswick with the dog, (for any burglars reading, our two burly sons will be at home protecting the family pile). During this first week the most excitement we'll probably get is allotment sitting for my Father in Law, Mr W, who is enjoying the summer weather (I hesitate to say sun) in North Wales. We have already had a bountiful crop of raspberries and gooseberries and, to judge by our last visit, it won't be long before we are replete with beetroot too.

My advice to anyone thinking of chucking themselves from a lofty perch into the seething waters below, is to take a step back and reflect on the greater and more profitable experience that can be had from growing vegetables.


Lisa said...

You don't get that rush of adrenalin by growing veg though do you? I think it's called "life affirming"!

And adrenalin rushes are few and far between at your age. !-) x

Crofty said...

You'd get an adrenaline rush if you say the size of those beetroots!

Crofty said...

Oh...and by 'life affirming' do you mean checking whether you are still alive?