Monday, 2 July 2007

News from the Nick

Many of you may remember my friend Sarah's blog: The Slim Blue Line; Sarah described life in the UK cops for girls and also shared some of the lighter moments of her life in the police. I've been meaning to do something with her posts for a while and have now created an archive for them here. Alternatively you can go there from the link further down the left hand side of this page. I intend occasionally, with her permission, to recount some of the tales she still cannot help but share with me and will let you know when I put anything new on the site. In the meantime I've transferred what Sarah likes to call 'News from the Nick' which are tales of some of the embarrassing moments she and her colleagues occasionally have.


Rodrigo said...

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Crofty said...

Thanks Rodrigo,
I think this is what your comment said:

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Bill Blunt said...

I for one always enjoyed Sarah's postings. You have performed a useful social service by preserving them, Crofty. You really are the nice man you seem!

(Rodrigo keeps trying to flog me his personalised t-shirts, too, although I think you know that my daughter Barbara keeps me well-supplied in whatever camisetas personalizadas I need).