Saturday, 28 July 2007

Quick Nurse! .. He Still Has A Pulse

Yesterday a constant bass throbbing disturbed the work of many people in our building - good job it was Friday afternoon; it went on for some hours and people scratched their collective heads wondering what the noise might be. At 3pm prompt, stepping into the car park of our Stretford corporate headquarters, might heart skipped an involuntary beat as I realised what the noise had been. They were doing sound checks at the nearby Lancashire County Cricket Club for this weekend's concerts featuring The Arctic Monkeys and Amy Winehouse, among others. Why did my heart skip a beat, I imagine I can hear you asking; and the answer is that that is what live music does to me, always has, wherever or whatever it is, I love live music and hearing the throbbing bass lines, barely discernible as one of Amy Winehouse's songs, I just wanted to be one of the thousands of people who gather and experience the gig.

Musing on my maturity, once again, it reassured me that I still enjoy the odd frisson of excitement. Climbing from the Cumbrian coastal village of Sandwith up to the lighthouse on St Bees Head last week, I experienced such a thrill as the vista opened before us giving stunning views over the Western Hills of Scotland and over one of the largest seabird colonies in the UK (OK, OK, I know I'm drifting into waters where you may well consider an anorak to be the appropriate wear again, but stick with it).

Earlier today, passing the Railway Hotel in Greenfield - a fabulous live music venue - I notice a poster advertising Martin Taylor - yes, Martin Taylor, the phenomenal, world-renowned jazz guitarist. I experienced another such thrill - do you see a theme developing here - and was excited all day until, only moments ago, I discovered that he was on last week while we were busy being excited at St Bees.

That burning core of light, that makes us who we are deep inside, remains unchanged; I don't have to settle for a middle age of mediocrity; but I don't have to strap myself to a Harley Davidson or throw myself from a cliff just to prove that my heart is still capable of pumping adrenaline around the system. The things that push my buttons are still there, albeit I'd have enjoyed Martin Taylor at the Railway more than the Arctic Monkeys I think.

To illustrate the point I have included one of the photographs Mrs C took of the relaxing view from St Bees Head last week.


70steen said...

So glad to hear you still have a beat pulse running through you.....your last post had me worrying slightly, plus I must agree with Bill, do not take down the train numbers at all costs, it is akin to 'stay away from the light!' (Shrek)
Have been listening to the concert as presented by XFM this afternoon, although I would have enjoyed the Artic Monkeys I could not have stood the stock phrases I have heard from the crowd 'you know what I mean!!' after each comment.

p.s. I have had a few 'guests' stay at your centre by the cricket club over the years... I must say it was a pleasure to deal with your colleagues, always a nice cuppa on offer :-)

Bill Blunt said...

Keep music live - that's a mantra that Bill Blunt's happy to sign up to. Except where the Billingham, International Folk Festival is concerned, that is. There's one selection of music that's better kept on a CD. Unplayed.

Music will keep you young, Crofty. These days, dementia nurses are as likely to play an Oasis track to their patients as they are a Max Bygraves.

Lisa said...

Nice photo, something told me it wasn't you that has taken it.
The composition maybe? The fact that the subject is perfectly framed, no unwanted twigs, trees, sheep or even birds to spoil the view.
Do you know someone else that removes the undesirables from photos or is it, as I suspect, that it's just an inbuilt female sense of it just looking right?!

Nice one Mrs C !!
;-) xx

PS Are you sure it was sound checks and not the constant concrete drilling that's been going on for the past 6 weeks?!

Tracey said...

Hi there! Yes I`m back and have written another blog (after about a month!?)

Love the photograph! Stunning view. I too get a real buzz out of seeing live bands. not so sure of the Srtic Monkeys or Amy Winehouse. To be honest I don`t understans what all the fuss is about with them!

Snow Patrol, Travis, Keane, The Kaiser Chiefs, The Zutons, The Coral, The Levellers and REM were all brilliant live.

So yes live music definitely keeps you young! Most of these youngsters don`t know how to move at gigs these days. Alot of them stand there unable to move for some strange reason.

When I hear and feel the bass, there is absolutely nothing in this world that is going to stop me moving! I can imagine you are the same! :D