Monday, 23 July 2007

We're Back...and much drier than you might imagine

Returning to work I was met with sympathetic glances as people, expecting the worst, asked "How was the weather?" before gasping in astonishment at the fact that we found it necessary, in the Lake District, in the UK, last week, to purchase sun cream. We were rained on once, for thirty minutes and had a fantastic week of wildlife and beautiful scenery on the Cumberland coast and Solway Firth, but more of that later.

Imagine my surprise to find an e-mail from the head of HR at our firm warning all 12 000 employees about the dire consequences should we, to use the popular parlance of my sons, Dis Da Company in our blogs. Heaven forbid that I should I even write about work when blogging is a sort of therapy to get over it. I can only assume that a number of people have been dishing the dirt on the notables higher up the company food chain hoping to both sue them, following their sacking, and win a major book deal like Petite Anglaise did; a bit of a risk if you ask me.

I think I'll stick to my themes of navel gazing for the ageing, bird watching and life in't North where, so far, it might be grim but is dry.


T x said...

;-) I can't imagine what people could be writing about, we're all such a happy bunch..... But for research purposes I might try and find out!! ( Not on company time though, obviously! )

Bill Blunt said...

I for one won't be holding back on dishing the dirt when it comes to The Birkenhead Beagle. They bought my heart when they took me on the payroll, but they never got my soul...

Why do these sad, HR types think they are so important that we want to prod them, anyway?

Glad you had a good break, Crofty!