Friday, 14 September 2007

Another Friday Night Mellow Red Wine Experience

What is it about Fridays? Is it the release of the week's stress: that big sigh that eases us into the weekend. I've just watched a repeat of the second series of Phoenix Nights, the one with the family fun day to raise money for the relaunch of the Phoenix Club; and after belly laughing my way through all the jokes I missed the first time what do you suppose was the thing that sent me scurrying to YouTube to see if it was there? The Simon Park theme tune to the 1970s TV detective series Van Der Valk. Try describing the hit series set in Amsterdam to anyone under 30 and they just look at you bemused - the sort of look that goes with the 'dad's just done another embarrassing dad thing; humour him and the moment will pass...' my sons do.

Anyway, if you don't know what I'm talking about have a look at this 1973 Top Of The Pops Christmas Special:


Lisa said...

do do do, do do do, do di de da di di do..........

Sorry I've had wine too....... ;D

70steen said...

I can certainly ID with this post not only the Friday night mellow but being a 70s teen remember Van der Valk very well. I tried to explain the 'Prisoner' to my teen the other week and got the self same rolling of eyes 'there, there' look too. (just love Phoenix Nights... the next one you should chill out to is Ricky Gervais 'Extras' so funny, I got the 2 series not long ago and to watch them back to back is a delight)

nursemyra said...

guess I missed Van Der Valk when it aired in nz/australia.

but "Prisoner".... now you're talking!

and "Extras"