Thursday, 4 October 2007

Why I'll Never Be a World Leader But Perhaps Ought to Be

I was preparing a CD of mixed music this evening, for playing at a ceremony tomorrow at which will be many of the senior executives of our noble organisation. The music I chose was uplifting and inspiring; you know the sort of thing: Here Inside by M People, Lifted by Lighthouse Family, Let's Groove by Earth Wind and Fire, the list goes on. Then whilst browsing through the tracks on my computer I came across this and I couldn't help but ponder on what the reaction would be as it interrupted an otherwise life affirming collection of music. Whilst others may have been searching for the hero inside, I was suddenly possessed by the little devil inside. Perhaps it won't only be the music that gets burnt!... I'll let you know.

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Lisa said...

Well I know a certain little photographer who'll be there that would have his day made by hearing that!

One of the favourite lines has got to be, his eyesight's getting better, but his nose is getting flatter. From when I'm cleaning windows.

A (young) relative of mine was recently very shocked at hearing, or rather actually listening to, George Formby for the first time. He couldn't believe how rude all the songs actually are.

Ah, and they think they invented it! !-D