Saturday, 29 December 2007

My Best Presents

I always think that the best Christmas presents are those that have required most effort on the part of the purchaser; and so it is this year for me. It might not seem too difficult for Mrs C to have popped into HMV and selected a CD but I know how it hurt to buy me this one. We have a debate in our house that has almost ended in sulks as I have staunchly defended Amy Winehouse. On one side of the dining table we have my sons and wife who consider her to be a spoilt, drug addled wreck fit only for stepping over in the street; on the other side we have me.

I don't know what it is, but I do seem drawn to the work of damaged people like her: Dylan Thomas and John Martyn are two more of my favourites, both alcohol and drug victims I keep having to defend to people. What is it about addiction that makes us rail against one type but accept another (nicotine vs alcohol for example). Perhaps we don't like the idea that we could all find ourselves at the mercy of something beyond our control - now there's a subject for a future blog post.

Back to Black is a stunningly good album especially if you have the two CD version with the stripped down versions of Valerie, Monkey Man and others. My neighbours will soon be sick of me walking the dog singing unrestrainedly with my MP3 player (a present from my sons that they are now regretting!); you should hear me doing Valerie (no pun intended for those who know Mrs C!).

Talking of alcohol abuse it's nearly New Year and although I don't like it - I think it's a completely nonsensical, arbitrary celebration - I wish you all a very happy one.


VeloCC said...

She is an outstanding singer though....I have to give her that.

And looking back whether it is music, poetry or painting. Some of the best Art came from people that would today be very much frowned upon for their live-style: Van Gogh (cut his ear off), Toulouse-Lautrec(very questionable life-style)...but beautiful art.

So, yes, she might be a spoiled Druggie, BUT she is a heavenly artist!!

Lisa said...

My best present was the totally unexpected beautiful Mackintosh brooch. Unexpected as I thought I'd had enough spent on me already, with my new lens and a leopard (!), but also because I'd not seen one like it before, and believe me, where Mackintosh is concerned finding something that I haven't seen before or already got is something of a feat!

Actually I've been spoilt rotten this Christmas by my closest family, as for the rest of my family.....can I interest anyone in some bubble bath........??

Oh and I hate New Year too, not sure why. Probably something to do with a mum that used to work nights and an ex boyfriend whose birthday it was too.
Hey ho Happy New Year anyway!!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Hey - there's a game of virtual tiddley winks going on at Mr. Woppit's!!!

Tracey said...

I don`t much like Amy`s music but she can sing well. Although she was hopeless dwon here at the Eden project by all accounts :(

Anyway, glad you and your family had an enjoyable Christmas! and a very Happy 2008 to you! :D

sylvie d said...

Amy Winehouse is a total mess but she is an amazing singer, I can't stop playing her music...there is a part of me that thinks there won't be many more...
God Daddy Papersurfer looks like a spammer! lol