Sunday, 2 December 2007

Prickle Eye Bush

I have had a rather meloncholy period of late; but while browsing this weekend I came across this that cheered me up no end. Remember me telling you about our jolly boys outing to see Spiers and Boden at Hebden Bridge Trades Club? Chris, one of the jolly boys from the outing, told me about this fun Flash animation. I'm glad he did; click the link if you dare but be warned: it is English traditional music at its best so don't be disturbed if you find yourself wanting to wave your hankie as your dance jauntily round your bedroom.

Prickle Eye Bush


70steen said...

Great animation the song reminds me of great nights I have spent in Hereford listening to such music. Just to say my Teen passed the PC whilst I was watching .. asked 'what is that?' and nodded in a sympathetic 'oh you old person you ' way as only teens can :-)

Lisa said...

I did really well, I lasted NEARLY ten whole seconds!!!
;D xx

Anonymous said...

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