Thursday, 24 January 2008

Celebrity Voice Spotting

Just off the main drive of North Manchester General Hospital there is a staff car park controlled by an automatic barrier. To warn pedestrians that the barrier is about to operate a recorded voice message loudly declaims:
"Caution automatic barrier, stand well clear!"
The voice is strong and clear with a manly northern accent and I am convinced it is the performance poet and broadcaster Ian McMillan. I wonder whether there are other such examples of artistes who, perhaps having fallen temporarily upon hard times, have taken up the offer of voice-over work. Or perhaps there are hundreds of voices belonging to undiscovered talents who might be the next Johnny Depp or Jane Horrocks (I'm sure I heard her in a lift recently warning me that the doors were closing).

I think I'll start recording and saving these apparently innocuous voices and for when these people are famous - they could be worth a fortune. I mean look at those Paris Hilton tapes: they certainly made someone a lot of money didn't they?

On the other hand there might well be a market among the better Blue Chip companies for this type of voice over. I mean, can you imagine the Kudos when Eddie Stobart, talking to one of his rich transport peers over cocktails says:

"Yes, it was quite a coup getting Tom Baker to do 'Caution Vehicle Reversing' he is so good you know; so authoritative, people just jump out of the way of the wagons"

Or imagine being alone with Joanna Lumley's voice in a lift; you'd never leave!

Who would you have to do your voice overs?...while you think about it I'm off to start a new company with my new stunningly good idea. Next time you are in a lift and hear a famous voice think of me: I'll be living somewhere posh on the fruits of my new idea.


Lisa said...

Hmm, well there's the bloke who came into my office a few months ago, He could have asked me for anything and I'd oblige! If he was voicing a vehicle reversing though I'd probably get run over!

Can't really think of a celeb voice, Although there are one or two irritating ones!

70steen said...

My alarm clock has to be Daniel Craig or Sean Connery ... so gorgeous tones to wake up to
I have to tell you that I once had to interview this chap.He had the most chocolate laced with smooth JD accentI had ever heard (American mixed with some Irish). I sat drooling, in a complete dream state...don't even ask me what he said I just didn't hear that at all. I wouldn't mind except I had dress for a 'down day' office day when asked to go out and do this (dam!!!)

Bill said...

Tell me where that lift is, Crofty - I think Jane Horrocks has one of the sexiest voices known to man (or at least men who appreciate pies and peas).