Thursday, 7 February 2008

Word Magic

You would think that writing regularly I might used to the surprising things that words do. But every now and then they creep up and do something cool. I guess that is what makes great writers: the gift of being able to make words dance for you rather than, like me, being surprised when you come across a side show of performing syllables.

Take, for example, the other day. In the foyer of our glorious headquarters there is, in a glass topped wooden case, a book of remembrance. It is a beautifully calligraphed volume containing one page for each of the unfortunate colleagues who have died doing their job. The book is such that new leaves of parchment can be added as the time arises. It was recently missing for the addition of a new leaf and its return was commented on by my esteemed colleague as we strolled towards the escape door at the end of the day.

"Look, the Ring Binder of Remembrance is back" she said.
And word conjuring occurred.
"You can't call it that" I said,
"Why not? That's what it is."

And it is: a ring binder in a glass case. But it is so much more; it represents so much more and seems to deserve more than to be such a work-a-day thing as a ring binder. It deserves to be a book, a serious weighty tome of permanence.

How much more substantial does it sound as a book of remembrance?


Lisa said...

Cardboard with a plastic coating, ring binder of death?

You're right, it should be some great leather bound tome that everyone stops by each day to see the page turned and the name revealed, then in a moment of reflection realise what these people have actually sacrificed for us.

A letter to the management is called for!


misterwoppit said...

Aha! The legendary Ring-Binder Of Remembrance! As I understand ancient mythology, it should only be used in conjunction with The Holy Hand-Grenade Of Antioch.

Or am I confusing my artefacts?

soulMerlin said...

Well....and I've always been contrary... a ring binder indicates to me that the project/subject is continuing - in the process of evolving. A book is finished ('till the next one)



Crofty said...

Aha again...the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, yes I think it would be just the tool. But sshhhh, judging by soulmerlin's comment I think he might be 'the management' in disguise trying to get away with not buying a decent book. Perhaps not mention any more secret weapons like the man eating rabbit eh?