Tuesday, 6 May 2008

I Wonder Whether Greatness Rubs Off

Do you remember my post a while ago about famous and talented people with whom I have a tenuous connection? I had another one of those moments yesterday when, prompted by my mother, I Googled Jonathan Callan. The Callan family lived next door to us for twenty five years or so and Jonathan went off to London to 'do something in art'.

Frustrated by my parents' lack of knowledge about his progress, other than to say he seemed to be doing nicely - this is after having spoken to his mum and dad only last week, you understand - I Googled him.

I don't claim to be an art buff but the thing about art is that it rather relies on its ability for it to resonate with you for it to be succesful, hence some people don't get Tracy Emin's bed or don't dig
Damien Hurst; but when I saw Jonathan's fanatstic work with old books I was blown away.

But whether or not I liked it or not, in art terms he is cool, that is to say he is red hot, not to put too fine a point on it, he is very famous.

He won't even remember me, but I am proud to add him to my list of people who I hope have rubbed a bit of their creativity or talent off on me as we have brushed past each other along life's way.


Lisa said...

I wouldn't count on it!


Katherine said...

Oooo, it is interesting stuff... resonates with me too. Thanks for sharing it!