Saturday, 6 December 2008

Why I Knew I'd Love My 9 Bar

I knew, even before I tasted it, that I'd love the Wholebake 9 Bar. The sample in the post was accompanied by a letter from Wholebake. The twenty or so people employed in North Wales bake - and it is bake rather than make or produce - the delicious carob topped, seed bar; but what convinced me wasn't the fabulous tasty delight of the thing but rather that I liked them, the bakers.

This is important because when I sat down to give a serious appraisal of 9Bar I found myself thinking the packaging dull and the chances of it competing with Kit Kat or Mars bar to be slim. That was when I realised that the key was in the letter - this is a snack for people who think food is more than a means of providing your body with the means to go on. 9 Bar is for people who care about where their food comes from; care who makes it and care about what they are putting in to themselves.

So, if 9 Bar is a little bit harder to find than the brightly coloured confections near the tills, look a bit harder, it is worth the effort.

It is also perhaps worth noting that Wholebake can also make you a bespoke snack, branded to your own requirement. I quite like the sound of 'Crofty Crunch'. I also thought that, seeing as Fuel My Blog have arranged these reviews, they might like 'Fuel for Your Blog' bar.

Gosh I'm good, I should be in marketing!


Dante said...

Crofty's nuts bar?

Crofty said...

Oooh I like that...though I can see one possible interpretation of it being rather more attractive than the other!

misterwoppit said...

I may be wrong here, but I always thought that a "9 bar" was a standard measure for a weight of cannabis resin, basically a 9oz bar. Crofty I do hope you are not getting your 9 Bars mixed up. Otherwise you will soon develop a huge and insatiable hunger. Probably for cheese on toast.

Crofty said...

They didn't put that on the website!
It's adds a most impressive level to their branding because the bar actually contains hemp seed and the outer wrapper has a great big cannabis leaf on it!

Now you mention it, I do seem to have put on a bit of weight since sampling them.

Maybe that's the secret of their success - you get the munchies...for 9 Bars (or maybe 9 9 Bars).