Monday, 26 January 2009

Has the BBC Lost Its Way?

It started with the furore over the BBC's refusal to air the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal for people suffering in Gaza - the BBC fell over itself to avoid the slightest whiff of bias. The only thing is they did what many bureacracy bound organisations end up doing - tied themselves in so tight a knot that they do nothing. So the suffering continues.

Then, last night the Beeb broadcast A ShortStay in Switzerland
the moving true story of Dr Ann Turner who, in 2006, took her own life in a Switzerland clinic, before a cruel degenerative disease left her trapped, unable to carry out the act for herself.

For millions of people Julie Walters' performance resonated deeply sending waves of conflicting emotion crashing into each other. It certainly did for us. Then at the end of the programme when people felt at their most emotionally raw and exposed the Beeb offered a helpline.

Here is the list of people who may have been affected by the issues raised in the programme:

- anyone caring for someone with a degenerative disease
- anyone caring for someone with a terminal illness
- anyone who has cared for someone with a terminal illness until they died
- anyone suffering from any of the above and considering suicide as an option
- anyone suffering from any of the above and unable to face suicide as an option.

To meet the needs of all those people, the BBC offered only one helpline. It related to the single rare condition that Ann Turner suffered from: Progressive Supranuclear Palsy.

Were the BBC frightened that they might be seen to support the case of suicide? Were they paralysed into, again, doing nothing to help people in need?
Has the BBC lost its balls?

If you are affected by any of the above, this organisation gives a view on ending life voluntarily, or if you just want to talk to someone about your situation click here.

That's all it needed, BBC.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

It was excellent - very moving. I'd love to know what the children thought of it ......

Why oh why aren't there such clinics over here?

Katherine said...

Well, thank goodness there are men of courage like you, Crofty, who are able to post about these sort of important issues.

Crofty said...

You're right Daddy P, it was a superb drama. There was a piece in the Radio Times with an interview of Julie Walters, in it she said she actually met all three children because she was so intent on her personification of Ann Turner being correct.

Katherine thanks for your, as always, kind words.

Lisa said...

"Men of courage" She's not talking about you, is she??


*cough* sorry this is (was) a serious post from our man of courage *snigger*

I agree with Daddy p, there should be clinics like that over here. It shouldn't be an offence to commit suicide and when I start going gaga (medical term) I don't want my agony prolonging. OK, yes, I accept your argument "what do you mean "start"" but I blame my collegues for my mental condition. ;-) x

Crofty said...

Humph, you can always rely on your friends to bring you back down to earth. Still, I quite like the 'man of courage' thing...I shall remind people of constantly in the coming weeks.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Hi Mr Crofty!
The refusal to screen a charity plea for the poor people of Gaza is utterly appalling - especially when you consider that the BBC's reporting on the Gaza Invasion and Murder was so clearly biased towards the blinkered and suave Israeli spokespersons. Reporting from behind the Israeli lines perhaps says it all. They should have been in Gaza all the time not meekly bowing to the propaganda wishes of the Israeli warmongers. And in case you are asking, I am not a Palestinian.
Mr Pudding