Saturday, 25 April 2009

I've Set Sarah Off Again!

I walked into a right royal rant at Sarah's house this morning. Her dad was reading this week's edition of The Week magazine - he and I often chew the fat over his excellent coffee while discussing the week's woes.

I've reproduced the cover here to show you what set her going; and after she had vented her spleen, we had a reasoned conversation that she agreed to let me reproduce on her blog 'News From The Nick'.

Click here to see what she said.


Anonymous said...

Ah The Week, one of the better presents my Mum gets me (us) for Christmas, another annual subscription is always welcomed.

Interesting comments from Sarah, well balanced and none of the Hyperbole from the knee jerk ACAB brigade on the other easier flank of this discussion.

UrbanCowgirl said...

hey, I get The Week. Well, I did. But an international subscription costs a bajillion adjusted dollars, so I don't get it anymore. But now we're back, we need jobs, and then we'll subscribe again!

Crofty said...

Great to see you back, though I'll miss the 'get-away-from-it-all-Lord of the Rings' photos.

Still I dare say you'll be applying your lovely turn of phrase to the England you can now see with fresh eyes.

Good luck with the jobs.