Monday, 19 February 2007

My inner peacock

Peacocks are beautiful but haughty. St Epiphanius knew this when he told his peacock fable. His fables were published in 1588 in Antwerp by Christopher Plantin in the catchily titled Sancti Patris Nostri Epiphanii, Episcopi Constantiae Cypri, ad Physiologum. Eiusdem in die festo Palmarum sermo, or stories about St Epiphanius for short. The fable tells how the Peacock lets out a cry of horror when he catches sight of his appallingly ugly feet.

Tomorrow I go to hospital to have the plaster cast removed from my left leg. I have not seen my foot for six weeks, nor has it been washed, nor has the natural process of skin shedding and regeneration been allowed to take place. I have glanced with trepidation (and a torch) beneath the plaster on my foot - what I have seen is scaly, reptilian even.

I am not known for having a particular pride in my appearance but if, on Thursday, you are driving along Rochdale Rd, Oldham near to the hospital and hear a scream shortly after 14.15h do not be alarmed; it might just be me getting in touch with my inner peacock.


Rodney Olsen said...

I've never had to wear plaster on any of my limbs and I hope I don't ever have to.

I'm sure you got beyond the novelty factor of being in plaster within the first five minutes of wearing the cast.

All the best for the removal and the rehabilitation.

Tracey said...

Hope it went ok with having your plaster removed? I bet it felt good though didn`t it?

I too have never (quick touch wood!) had any limbs plastered!

I have enjoyed drawing and writing on other peoples plaster casts though, that`s the fun bit... :)