Saturday, 11 August 2007

Stuff Advertising

I know I am not the first blogger to have told their significant others that their lives are about to embark on a new financial journey thanks to the second income generated by allowing advertisers to pimp their products on their blogs. As much as I am a fan of clever advertising, I have decided that after a three month trial of Adsense - that has earned me not one single cent - I will discard it and give the space to some needy cause. I already have a few ideas about who might benefit from a bit of free publicity among the handful of readers who regularly pass my way; but, just for the moment, I have, you may have noticed, replaced Adsense with my Blog of the Day award from the kind team over at Fuel My Blog.

I was dissapointed by the type of advertising that Adsense felt suited my keywording, especially when, in a bid to spice things up a bit, I started to use mishchievous combinations of keywords. All that got me was some very dissapointed visitors who had entered quite specifically erotic search terms in Google and landed on my blog. I didn't even get anything interesting as the result of my Extreme Depilation post: now that was dissapointing.

So, my sojourn in the heady word of publicity is over and just for the weekend I shall bask in the warmth of the spotlight thanks to Fuel My Blog.

Oh, and just for fun, I've added another spurious keyword to see which lusty Google searchers arrive here only to have their hopes of passion dashed - sorry if that is you, but try visiting Nurse Myra at the Gimcrack Hospital: that might be more in your line.


Lisa said...

Oo I've got a couple of suggestions for your worthy cause, and one of them doesn't even involve Greyhounds!

Lisa said...

Oh and as for keywords, try rubber and fetish! It seems to have worked for one of my pics! ( 108 views now! )

70steen said...

Well done Crofty in being Blog of the day .. now as for advertising lets think as sensible adults...... 'free lunch?' woh the erotica link...great idea to unfuel someones ardour (noy that I am slamming your blog in the slightest you understand). I am, however, 70s teen so you can imagine my statcount observations on keywords!! (quite worrying!)

nursemyra said...

hey congratulations on your fuel award!

70steen said...

Further to above.... just looked on my statcounter for today and 2 'unusual' searches have brought viewers to my blog.
1. girls in see thurth nylon knickers
(yes thurth!!.. the only way that would bring it to 70s is my posting very early doors about Bri Nylon... infact do you realise just how many people search for that topic and end up in 70s land but there again it could be an awful spelling mistake somewhere amongst the pages)
2. Birthday gift for Mike Yarwood

How bizarre :-)

Crofty said...

'Thurth': you can almost hear the fevered breathing as they rushed their typing and got their fingers twisted!

70steen said...

eeewwwwww!! I am trying not to think about that !!!