Saturday, 13 October 2007

My Friday Achievement

Sat in Evuna - a pleasant Spanish Restaurant on Deansgate last night - I was pleased with the fact I'd actually arrived only thirty five minutes late for my colleagues retirement meal. Determined to enjoy what has become a rare night out I pitched myself headlong into the tapas and seafood paella with gusto. Similarly I quaffed the proffered wine with similar enthusiasm equally determined to face down the 'old man' image that seems to hover around me lately. Then in the Grapes I got stuck into fizzy lager beer, hurriedly washed it down in time to catch the nine o'clock train to Oldham.

Street cleaners in the subway from Oldham Mumps station would have cursed at the results of my later gastric incontinence this morning. Yes, I achieved the same results from a night out as either of my two sons do....I've not lost it yet!

I don't quite feel like the drive up to Keswick now and Mrs C are going away for a week. By until next week when I promise to feel better.


70steen said...

How spooky I was in the Grapes last night from 5.00 - 8.15. A big crowd of us were outside all night ...... it was a lovely evening but wasn't it busy in there??? Definitely don't wait til the last minute to go to the loo!!! Wouldn't it have been amusing if I had spotted you I would have said hello :-)
Sorry you were icky!!!

Lisa said...

I don't think it's anything to do with your excesses, there's a bug going round that produces similar results. !-)
Two of our household have had it so far, we're just hoping the rest of us have got away with it.

I'm sure the clean Keswick air will soon clear those bugs out of you system.

Crofty said...

70s - I was there when you were there and thought everyone outside (where I was, beneath a brolly with a heater) was with us!! I probably saw you. Probably best that we didn't meet - not a good first impression!

Lisa - thanks for the get out but I was definitely, well and truly, uncharacteristically... drunk.

70steen said...

we were stood at the end furthest away from Sainsbury's........ yes probably best we didn't meet as I was a bit tipsy myself lol

misterwoppit said...

I'd blame it on the paella, mate. Clostridium perfringens in the rice? DSP from clams or prawns? All can cause dizziness, slurring and puking.

Crofty said...

Thanks Mr Woppit, I've written those fancy names down for future reference in case Mrs C should need convincing (again).