Tuesday, 9 October 2007

What Can You do with a Quarter of a Year?

A quarter used to be the standard period of time for bill-paying and such pleasures; but with the advent of direct debit, this chronological measurement has fallen into disrepute. Tonight though, as I strolled through Oldham Town Centre I happened to glance into Boots and was surprised to see a pair of legs apparently in mid-air. Closer examination revealed that they belonged to a young - presumably most junior - employee whose job, for the moment, was to stand atop a step ladder attaching something to the ceiling. Guess what it was? It was the first of Boots' Christmas decorations, for tonight - October 9th 2007 - is for Boots, when Christmas begins. This leaves us a quarter of a year until twelfth night in which to celebrate - thank you Boots for rescuing the quarter year.


Lisa said...

Whilst taking my daughters friend home tonight I went past a house with decorations in the window!

Christmas trees, snowmen and Santa all proud as punch at being displayed in October.

70steen said...

This morning whilst strolling down Deansgate in the usual 'oh god I am off to work ' mode.. I noticed above the traffic some suspended Xmas tree images which I imagine will light up .... oh no is it that time already that I need to start planning?
I drew myself away from this thought as I realised I had not been on my broom stick for Halloween !!!
How could they do this .. with a 1/4 year to go instilling false panic!!

DaddyP said...

You're very good at maths ...... a tad anal obviously.

It's a real mistake to leave a comment with me - people never learn - tee hee.

Have a loverly weekend.