Saturday, 23 February 2008

Essential Products for an Older and Ageing Population

Occasionally we get a catalogue shoved in a magazine that comes in the post; you know the sort, it has gadgets of all types and descriptions and is usually worth a read just so you get to laugh at stuff like heated slippers or a new way of dicing vegetables. It seems that they are predominantly aimed at the ageing population, ours came in the magazine we get from the Camping and Caravanning Club.

This edition contains advertisements that lead me to suspect they are aimed rather more at caravanners of a certain age than at tough campers like us. For example there are beauties like 'Shoes so Comfortable they could be Slippers',
'Get any Matress Hygienically Clean in 30 Seconds' or what about the 'Height Adjustable Organiser Footstool' or who could resist the 'Safe and Hygienic Ear Wax Remover'. Each of these products are advertised with models who are cheerfully grey haired and look like their lives are the richer for being seen with the product.

Imagine my surprise (and delight) when I flicked over a page and, beneath a picture of a suitably mature gentleman dressed in slacks and a sweater, was 'Enhance Sexual Performance, Vigour and Vitality' and then only a couple of pages further on 'Stronger Larger Erections' with a picture of a suction powered penis enlarger - the type that Austin Powers tried to deny belonged to him - with adjacent advertisements of a hand cream to treat age spots and a shoe organiser.

If this is what getting older holds, bring it on I say! Not that I would need to resort to any of the products mentioned of course, rather that it is reassuring to think that the older person might need them as part of a vigorous and full sex life you understand. Ahem.

P.S. I fully expect about a zillion hits on this post after I've given it perfectly honest key wording.

P.P.S. If you would like to browse the on line catalogue for any of these excellent products Click Here (Confidentiality assured... but would you know if my computer had added a tracking cookie....hmmm, evil chuckle)


Bill said...

As those wise sages, Derek & Clive, enjoined us ... 'They should LABEL things!'

As part of the greying community, I can see I need to subscribe to Caravan Monthly if I am to maintain my youthful prowess.

70steen said...

Of course I had to go and look lol
I wondered what section it was in... useful ideas? Health & Beauty? Fitness & well being? Factory Outlet :-)

Anyway 'penis' in the search did the trick..... you'll have to let us know if it actually works

sylvie d said...

soooo? did it work...not the products from the mag you have just subscribed to of course but the zillion hits of course!!!?

Lisa said...

Well these caravaneers (good word eh?!) have got to do something when they go to bed at 9 o'clock! And if you have, erm, "difficulty" in that area at a certain time of life I'm sure a little help would be appreciated. Particularly if you can order it from a catalogue and be assured that it'll turn up *cough* in a plain brown box.
The opportunity for mischief at the packaging stage would be one I just couldn't resist though!!

I'm more worried that's it's being advertised next to "hand cream"...... yeah right!