Monday, 24 March 2008

Beauty is in the Eye of the BehOldham (sorry!)

There are people who constantly look for things to complain about and seek out only the bad and ugly in things; then there are people who look around them for the good and the beautiful - even where it isn't that obvious.

Those are the
people I like.

Our town has had its detractors of late, and dear old Oldham is certainly not without its problems; but I get tired of the insidious dripping water torture of complaint that we read in our local paper. There
should be a test before people are allowed to put pen to paper: is their aim positive and constructive or is their aim to cause disharmony and unhappiness? Don't get me wrong, I don't expect people to have a sunny disposition and shed light wherever they go, but I do like to hear at least the merest hint of a suggestion of a solution when someone snipes at something.

Anyway, I can feel this developing into a rant so, while we are on the subject of light (were we?), I was delighted to see the results of the latest Oldham Flickr Group meeting. For the uninitiated, Flickr is a photo sharing site, and the real experts band together in groups to develop their art. The Oldham group certainly seem to have the nack of finding beauty around them - more power to their lenses I say!

The glass bridge is a perfect example of just the sort of thing I mean. The bridge is at the heart of one of Oldham's rougher areas and it is tempting, when there, to be constantly looking over your shoulder or clinging tightly to your handbag rather than appreciating the architecture!


Lisa said...

There's a whole load of photos of Oldham in the Flickr Oldham Group. Some purely for recording what's there and changes that are happening, and some more "arty" ones.

All ages, all abilities, all cameras!

Dante said...

I've added a few more now too!

Lisa said...

Hey, my dog's leaving comments now!

I wondered why there were paw prints on the keyboard!

Crofty said...

That's what I thought too! Clever these Greyhounds!

lisa said...

In English too!

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