Monday, 17 March 2008

Eeeee He Were a Great Baker Our Dad...

You can scoff, as Bill Blunt and I wax lyrical about the qualities - or lack of them - in the bread most of us buy. But it is true, the doughy pap that is served out by supermarkets as bread is a far cry from the wholesome low-yeast affair made from flour, fat, water and not much else, by the village baker.

Don't believe me? Ask Andrew Whitely the author of that excellent book 'Bread Matters' have a look at what really goes in your bread and you might consider changing where you buy it; or, like Bill and I, baking your own. It really worth the effort.

I'm grateful to Bill for inventing the 'Better Bread Blogger Award' to help further the campaign for real bread. My first awardees are The Village Manor Bakery at Waterhead for its superb traditional breads and the famous Barbakan Delicatessen in Chorlton for their outstanding range of traditional European breads.

Sack supermarket stodge - demand better bread...

right, where's my placard.

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Jordan Sneakers said...

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