Monday, 16 March 2009

The Fundamental Misunderstanding - A Sad Story About Sex By Crofty

"Hi Julie, you don't mind me driving while we're talking do you? Yes, of course I'm hands free. I feel such an idiot so I've just got to get home and explain to them, how it's all been a misunderstanding. It's Graham I feel sorry for, but then you know how things have been. I mean, he's just been so weird these last few months, what with his 'problem', then spending all that time in the study on the internet.

"I was happier when I thought it was porn
, although of course I started worrying then that it was me that was the problem. What? Of course I know that it was him now, but you know what women are like, we blame ourselves, don't we?"

"That was how I fell upon what he was really looking at - the chemicals - if only the silly man had talked to me, instead of his stupid pig ignorant pride. He should spend sometime being a woman for God's sake, then he'd learn about pride. I mean, how many things do we women get wrong with our fannies or tits, I seemed to have spent half my life on a couch in my doctor's with my legs wide open!"

"Stop laughing, you know what I mean. Anyway, as soon as there's something wrong with their cock, they take it as an assault on their fundamental manhood and go all broody. Still, I suppose it's cheaper than a Harley Davidson. Jenny Grove's husband couldn't get it up, she let him have a Harley on a promise, and now he's getting it on with a leather clad YMCA biker boy plumber from Partington."

"I'm serious, at least Graham was trying, in his own way to get help. What? Oh yes, sorry I didn't explain that bit did I? I thought he'd become some sort of religious zealot and was buying chemicals to make a bomb. So I had a moral dilemma for all of about two minutes, then realised I was never going to be one of those strong silent women who support the cause. So I shopped him to the terrorist hot line."

"Yes, really. They were really nice, offered me somewhere to go, said they'd look after everything. Then this morning on the Today programme there was this thing about Hydrogen Sulphide and how they think it can help get a man a hard-on. Then it came flying at me and hit me slap bang in the face....stop it! You know what I mean. The poor darling was trying to make his own DIY Viagra with a schoolboy chemistry set."

"What?...Oh, very funny, you must have been waiting weeks to use that one...yes I see what you did...Ardour, only with an aitch, very funny."

"Anyway, I'm just pullling into our street now. Oh my God, they don't do things by halves do they, there's about fifteen Police cars and an ambul...oh shit, you don't think? No, of course not, they'd have an ambulance just in case. Don't suppose they can take chances if they think there's a bomb or something. Oh God, oh God...they've taped off the street, I'm parking here and running down to the house - are you OK to stay on with me? Great."

"Still there? I'm jogging down...Hang on Julie, I'm being stopped by some schoolboy in a uniform... you oaf, I live here... get your hands off me you little...."

"Julie, stay on won't you, I want you to hear all this, I'm nearly at the door...No! I live here and you have no right to...can you believe the cheek of that bastard, I hope you are getting this Julie, OK I'm in the house.... ... ... Oh...My...God..."

"Shit oh shit oh shit oh shit...Julie? There's blood ...What? No, I'm his wife, where is he?...Oh no, Graham! Graham! No!.."

"What do you mean you thought he was going to shoot you? He's never even fired a gun, let alone had one in the house. He what? Just turned around and you thought?...How could you possibly think...Oh no, you don't mean...oh no, please no."

"Where is he? Is he in here? Get off me, this is my house and my kitch...Oh God Graham...please no..."

"Thank you officer, I just never expected to of course, I shouldn't have barged past like that. But couldn't they have zipped up the, what do you call it? Yes, what a horrible phrase - body bag. What do you mean it wouldn't zip up? Oh, I see."


Lisa said...

*Bites Tongue*

Hahaha Brilliant!
;D xx

Katherine said...

Grins and shakes head.

Steve said...

You naughty man! Very good. :)

Crofty said...

Thanks, I confess, I was feeling mischievous!

Bill Blunt said...

Excellent! And we clamour for more!

Dante said...

Is that the eighth dwarf?


Crofty said...

Oh very good, Li..I mean Dante!

Lisa said...

Wicked sense of humour my dog's got!