Saturday, 4 April 2009

A Compliment for Sarah Policelady

Thank you to Sylvie at Fuel My Blog for her compliment to Sarah Police Lady today. Sarah's blog is blog of the day on the excellent blogging networking site. I rang to tell her the good news her dad answered the phone and promised he would pass on the good news, not without commenting:

"Don't expect too much, she's just finished nights and is out on the pop tonight!"

Anyway, these fickle young people might not need accolades, but I appreciate it and seeing as how I do the work - aside from the risking-life-and-limb-to-protect-the-public stuff that she does - I'll enjoy it!

Actually, I sort of hope she doesn't log on to see for herself, she'll kill me when she sees the photo I used on FMB...which isn't her of course.


Maureen said...

I came across your blog on FMB. Congratulations on a terrific site :)
Best wishes

Crofty said...

Thanks Maureen!

And thanks to Fuel My Blog of course, for being a great resource for bloggers.